Cheap, Fast DIY Cleaning Hacks


Anyone who tells you they clean their whole house “in a snap” might be exaggerating. But there are DIY cleaning hacks that make it simpler to get a home sparkling, or at least nice enough for guests to sit down on the couch. Homemade cleaning solutions are usually cheaper and quicker since the ingredients are right on hand. Here are some easy cleaning hacks to start with:

Wash Windows

Paper towels and store-bought spray are out. Instead, use a chemical-free DIY solution that’s half white vinegar and half warm water, and you’ll get a low-cost, streak-free clean. Dab a microfiber cloth in the mix and then use the damp cloth to wipe down the windows or dirty bathroom mirrors. Use another microfiber cloth to dry and buff out any stubborn marks. 

Pretreat Laundry

The manufacturers make it clear that this is the best approach, but most people aren’t aware of this cleaning hack secret. When you spray or dab fabric pre-treatment on your clothes, apply it on the inside of the shirt or pants. That way the stain moves through the fabric and into the water. When you spray Shout or your favorite natural stain pretreatment on the outside of clothes, it tends to loosen the stain and then send it right back onto the other part of the garment. 

Sweep Floors

It’s way too easy to just sweep dust into the air where it will resettle later. To remove the dirt forever, dampen a section of newspaper. Then shred it into strands and toss them onto the floor. When you sweep them up, they’ll capture the dust and leave the floor clean.

Shine Faucets

You don’t need anything special to get faucets or other bathroom fixtures gleaming again. A cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol will remove lime buildup or soap deposits. This works on faucets, toilet handles and metal drain stoppers.

Dust TV Screens

Just grab a dryer sheet when dust has collected on your television screen. It picks up the dust and also reduces the static, so the TV won’t attract so much dust next time. This quick cleaning hack works for computer screens, too.

Deodorize Trash Cans

While you have fabric softener sheets out, consider what they can do for the bad smell in your trash can. You should probably wash the receptacle with dishwashing soap and let it drip dry, first. But after that, a surefire way to keep the kitchen garbage can smelling fresh is to slip a dryer sheet under the trash bag each time you take out the old and put in the new one. Scented or not, the sheet will absorb odors and may even catch a spill or two. How often you change it depends on how grimy your trash gets. 


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